Application ​for the Consulting ​Program

What is the Consulting Program?

The book Assets on Blockchain gives you a well-rounded overview of all the relevant aspects to consider when you want to tokenize assets or you are pursuing a STO. However, many parts depend on the specifics of the project. Within the Consulting Program, Max is coaching startups and enterprises for a fixed time period and guides them through the process in order to save time, money and hassle.

Why do I need to apply?

In order to mentor the projects with the best quality, it is necessary to focus on a few clients. We are receiving many requests for the free Consulting class and the following program, hence we need to filter the projects.

What’s the cost for me? Why is the first session free?

In order to get to know the projects we work with and evaluate whether there is a mutually beneficial fit before kicking off, we do not charge you anything for the first free consulting session. We also do not collect any payment information and you do not enter any contract by signing up for the free Consulting session.

Depending on the first Consulting session, we eventually send you a tailored offer for the full Consulting program that you are free to accept or decline.

When do I get feedback on my application?

We like quick decisions and will get back to you within five days.

    How can we contact you?