The future of finance is tokenized.

AssetsOnBlockchain helps companies and startups to utilize tokenization, Security Token Offerings and Blockchain.

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Real Estate

How can real estate firms increase their revenues with cost reduction and increasing revenues?


In which areas will legal advice demanded in the future? How does tokenization disrupt certain notary and legal work?

For Startups

In which areas are new legal challenges and legal advice demanded in the future?

Finance & Banking

How can banks & corporate finance players build new busienss models? Which new financing methods are available?

What is tokenization or Assets on Blockchain?

The Assets on Blockchain Academy

The program is a fully digital program on tokenization. Get certified.

This training will prepare you for the most changing and dynamic time of the financial system.

The whole course is available in German and English.

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English Course “Tokenization and Security Token offerings”

German Course “Tokenisierung und Security Token Offerings”

About the Academy

With 50+ short video lectures, the Assets on Blockchain program teaches you everything about tokenization and Security Token Offerings. 

The course includes a graded exam – the certificate is only issued when necessary score has been reached. 

The certification program has been developed with the basis of Assets on Blockchain as a #1 Corporate Finance bestselling book, practical experiences and expert opinions. 


You can see the full Curriculum here

"Knowledge has a beginning but no end."

– Geeta Iyengar​

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    the standard book about tokenization and security token offerings

    The disruption of the financial industry: Read the book to learn how assets can be tokenized, fractional ownership of real estate be enabled and how Security Token Offerings work in detail.

    About Max Kops

    “My purpose is to educate people on the fundamentals of Security Token Offerings, Security Tokens and Finance 4.0.”

    Max Kops advises financial companies, banks and startups in the realm of Blockchain technologies, Security Token Offerings and Tokenization. At the age of 17, Max started to work with Blockchain technologies and became a worldwide recognized brand. He wrote four successful books, and  shares his knowledge and thoughts on private and public stages like TEDx as a speaker.

    Max Kops at TEDx

    As a thought leader in Blockchain, Max got invited to TEDxMünster to share his thoughts about the interaction between humans and technology – with the example of Security Tokens. 

    Max Kops in the media

    Max Kops has been featured in the most-relevant online and print magazines in Business and Blockchain. 

    Blockchain before it was on the radar

    Max has been working with Blockchain technologies from the age of 17 and has seen the times from an unpopular technology through a hype till the emergence of real-world applications. Having analyzed more than 1,000 projects, he knows the Do’s and Don’ts.

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