Blockchain and tokenization for lawyers

How does the lawyer of the future look like?

Benefit from more efficiency, accelerate your career, expand your services and increase your revenues as a lawyer.

The legal field is under drastic change and disruption

What do tokenization, Blockchain and smart contracts mean for lawyers?

What is tokenization?

What is a Blockchain?

What are smart contracts?

How can you leverage the technologies for yourself?

Reduce your costs

Smart Contracts can help you to automate many parts of the contract creation and the paperwork associated with it. They can even automate certain actions to be taken when events occur. You can easily build digital forms of NDAs, escrow contracts and many other contracts. 

Increase your revenues

The Blockchain, combined with Smart Contracts, is a new paradigm of working with data and managing as well as executing contracts. Tokenization offers companies to issue fractionalized assets. There is a huge demand for professional services such as legal advice in those projects. Offering legal assistance for those projects can help you significantly expand your portfolio and increase your revenues. 

Make your legal services ready for the future

We help legal firms encompass the potential of Blockchain






What we do for you

We help you to
  • understand,
  • evaluate and
  • implement
useful Blockchain applications. By splitting our approach into those three parts, we can provide independent education for you to understand the technology. An independent evaluation of your business model and your possibilities with Blockchain technologies. Only if we think a solution can significantly improve your business, we will implement it with you.

A personal note

Value first.

This is what counts in every area of life. Improving someone else’s life tangibly is always more important than loud words or a huge buzz. I believe that whatever you do, you got to put the value of the other party first. Hence, we at AssetsOnBlockchain, put you – our partner – first. And we do everything to deliver a real value in everything we do. Whether it is a workshop, building a new business model with you or me speaking in a keynote. I am only satisfied when you are.