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The disruption of the financial industry: Read the book to learn how assets can be tokenized, fractional ownership of real estate be enabled and how Security Token Offerings work in detail.

what is assets on blockchain about?

Understand how you can collect investments for your startups with a Security Token Offering 

Be able to invest into STOs or tokenized assets as an Investor

Understand the relevance of STOs and embrace new business models as a Finance expert


Tokens & DLT Assets

Security Token Offerings

Understandable for Non-Programmers

Practical Processes

Who should read assets on blockchain?

Startups & Entrepreneurs

Financial Industry

Blockchain Enthusiasts


Max is a best-selling author and speaker. Diving into the field as a teenager, he progressed to an editor at the largest Blockchain magazines and analyzed more than 1,000 ICOs since 2017. Since 2018, he focused on Security Token Offerings and shared his knowledge with companies and on conferences around the globe.

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